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The team at Patterson and Associates can develop security worksheets for your medical and recreational Cannabis ventures.

We understand the ever increasing competitive nature of the Cannabis industry and we will work with your team to not only highlight your strengths, but also develop strategic narratives to maximize scoring values in each section of your application. 

At Patterson and Associates we write to win. 


The team at Patterson and Associates brings decades of Law Enforcement experience to the the Cannabis industry.

Patterson and Associates will work with your ownership and management team to create custom made security plans. Our plans work to safeguard your assets by being workable, cost efficient, and practical. 

Not only will Patterson and Associates develop your security plan, we will also provide guidance on selection of all of your security related equipment. 

This includes but is not limited to :

- Surveillance Cameras

- Door Access

- Panic Alarms

- Burglar Alarms

- Vaults

- Universal power supplies

- Server storage


Patterson and Associates will work with your team to bring your security plan to life while honoring the commitments placed in your application.

We provide a top to bottom security review of your facility prior to commencement inspection to ensure regulatory compliance.

This allows your team to have peace of mind that you will be operating as soon as possible. 


Upon approval to operate, the team at Patterson and Associates will provide your group with a tailor made security training program.

Additionally, Patterson and Associates will assume the role of Security Manager and perform the following tasks:

- Conduct a semiannual audit of security measures to ensure compliance and to identify potential security risks.

- Train employees on required security related topics

- Evaluate the credentials of any contractors who intend to provide services to the facility before the contractor is hired.

- Evaluate the credentials of any third party who intends to provide security or transportation services to the facility. 

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